Hotel Technovalley

57, Techno Jungang-ro (796 Gwanpyeong-dong), Daejeon, Korea

Post Code: 305-509

TEL: +82- 42-671-0500

How to get to Hotel Technovalley

1. From Incheon International Airport to the Hotel in Daejeon

1-1. Airport Train

Trains directly going to Daejeon are available in the airport. We suggest you to take the Express Train (KTX) from the Incheon International Airport to Daejeon Station, which takes approximately 2 hours.

Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal Arrival floor (1st floor) → Move to the transportation center on the first basement level → Walk to Incheon Airport Station

(Tip : Airport Railroad is indicated by 'yellow-colored letters' on the directional signs on the arrival floor of Incheon Airport. Simply follow the 'yellow-colored letters' to reach the Incheon Airport Railroad station). 

To make a reservation for a train, please visit Korail.     

Please refer to this link to book a train:  Sample reservation of a train

Should you wish to purchase tickets on the spot, it can be done at the multiple counters and ticket booths available at the airport transportation center. If you have the need to transfer trains at Seoul Station, tickets can also be purchased directly at the multiple counters and ticket booths here.

To get more information, please visit Incheon International Airport website.

1-2. Bus from Daejeon Station to Hotel

Take bus no. 802 / bus no. 705

1-2-1) Bus no. 802

  1. At the bus stop, get on the bus no. 802 and get off at Lotte Mart (High Mart) stop, which is 5 mins walking distance to Hotel Technovalley.

1-2-2) Bus no. 705

  1. At the bus stop, get on the bus no. 705 and get off at 수변공원 (Su-Byun Park) stop, which is 5 mins walking distance to Hotel Technovalley.

1-3. Taxi from Daejeon Station to Hotel

  1. If you have heavy luggage, we suggest you take a taxi at Daejeon station to the Hotel. It will cost about 10,000 Won (KRW) and may take 25 mins.

  2. Print this note 'Direction for Taxi Driver to Hotel Technovalley' and show it to the taxi driver, so that he or she can understand where you are going.

  1. 2.From Hotel to PCS

To be updated soon.


Come out from the Daejeon Train Station and turn right. Then, walk along the street for 1 min and you will find a bus stop. Please take note that there are 2 bus stops very close to each other on the same side of the road. Make sure you are at the bus stop where Bus no. 802 / Bus no. 705 passes through, by checking the blue sign board next to the bus stop, or the LED signal.

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