5th PCS Internal Workshop (Retreat)


Dates: December 13 - 15, 2021

Location: Sangha Farm Resort, Gochang

Coordinator: Jung-Wan Ryu (PCS IBS, Korea)


The workshop is designed for summarizing and sharing recent achievements of PCS members during 2021 and discussing about the overall direction for our center to develop in this year and the next year. Workshop also promotes interaction between internal members of our center as well as discussion with other groups of research fellows from APCTP in order to develop new ideas for promising future research directions. The primary goal of the workshop is to foster interaction and collaboration between researchers from different backgrounds through talks and informal discussions. During the workshop we will hold many talks as well as in-depth discussion sessions. Numerous occasions for scientific interactions are expected to motivate new collaborations, and ultimately to make new research results of excellence.

Topics include:

  1.  Flatbands: engineering, disorder and interactions

  2. Weyl hydrodynamics in a strong magnetic field

  3. Wannier-Stark Flatbands

  4. Probing many-body localization through adiabatic gauge deformation

  5. Twisthings: charge, spin, superconductivity and photonics

  6. Micromaser as a Quantum Battery

  7. Thermodynamic uncertainty relations in a degenerate three-level maser heat engine

  8. Heat Percolation in Many-Body Flat-Band Localization Systems

  9. Quantum Chaos in Many-Body Systems: Disentangling Delocalization from Scrambling

  10. Theory of Moire Magnets and Topological Magnons: Applications to Twisted Bilayer CrI3

  11. Quantum Synchronization in Quasi-Degenerate Laser Heat Engine

  12. Metal-insulator transition in 2D all bands flat lattices

  13. Simplifying complex networks

  14. Radiation pressure in atomic condensates of different dimensionality

  15. Raman spectra of disordered arrays of crystalline nanoparticles

  16. Transformation optics in microcavities

  17. On thermalization properties of weakly nonintegrable systems

  18. Critical-to-Insulator Transitions and Fractality Edges in Quasiperiodically Perturbed ABF lattice

  19. Quantum many-body interactions and transport.