6th PCS Internal Workshop (Retreat)


Dates: October 11 - 13, 2023

Location: Restree Resom, Jecheon

Coordinator: Jung-Wan Ryu (PCS IBS, Korea)


The workshop is designed for summarizing and sharing recent achievements of PCS members during 2022 and 2023 and discussing about the overall direction for our center to develop in this year and the next year. Workshop also promotes interaction between internal members of our center as well as discussion with other groups of research fellows from APCTP in order to develop new ideas for promising future research directions. The primary goal of the workshop is to foster interaction and collaboration between researchers from different backgrounds through talks and informal discussions. During the workshop we will hold many talks as well as in-depth discussion sessions. Numerous occasions for scientific interactions are expected to motivate new collaborations, and ultimately to make new research results of excellence.

Topics include:

  1.  Quantum chaos in many body systems

  2. Raman spectra of nanoparticle arrays

  3. Dynamical fermion parity polarization in a nanowire Josephson junction

  4. Topological phase transition in a deformed Toric code model

  5. Thermalization slowing down

  6. The effective field theory of elastically distorted graphene

  7. Topological phenomena in photonic analogue of graphene

  8. Nonequilibrium Transport in a Superfluid Josephson Junction Chain

  9. Adiabatic deformations through the lens of the Lanczos algorithm

  10. Machine learning wave functions to identify fractal phases

  11. The Rosenzweig-Porter model revisited for the three Wigner-Dyson symmetry classes

  12. Full-counting statistics of rotating Majorana bound states

  13. Collective non-Hermitian skin effects

  14. Phonon-driven spin Hall effect in quantum ferroelectric metals

  15. Compact Localized States in Electric Circuit Flatband Lattices

  16. Pinpointing classically forbidden transport in attoclock experiments

  17. Modelling topological materials with D-branes

  18. Gauge Fields, Critical exponents and Large Charge

  19. Photoinduced supercurrent Hall effect

  20. Exploring Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics with many-body states

  21. Effects of Weak Measurement on Discrete-Time Quantum Walk

  22. Topology of exceptional points in different spaces

  23. Observational entropy with general quantum priors

  24. Nonadiabatic harmonic Otto cycle

  25. Supercurrent enabled optical response in 2D superconductors

  26. Theoretical study of noncollinear magnets with interfacial-like Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction

  27. Non-Bloch band theory of sub-symmetry protected topological phases

  28. Optical modes in Chaotic microdisks

  29. Time-reversal Invariance Violation and Quantum Chaos Induced by Magnetization in Ferrite Loaded Resonators

  30. Experimental test of the Rosenzweig-Porter