Dates: October 14 - 18, 2019

Location: PCS IBS, Daejeon, South Korea

Scientific coordinators: Alexei Andreanov (PCS IBS, Korea)

                                     Yong Baek Kim (University of Toronto, Canada & KIAS, Korea)

                                     SungBin Lee (KAIST, Korea)

Organizers: Dominika Konikowska (coordinator, PCS IBS)

                    Gileun Lee (PCS IBS)

                    Jaehee Kwon (PCS IBS)


For the last few decades, people have been looking for unconventional quantum phases of matter and focusing on theoretical understanding and experimental realization. Frustrated magnetic systems often provide such unconventional phases originating from quantum fluctuations and competing interactions between spins. One of the challenging examples of strongly frustrated quantum systems is quantum spin liquids - a still elusive long-range entangled phase of matter.

The workshop aims at discussing recent advances in the field of frustrated magnetism (classical and quantum), bringing together the leading experts in theory, numerics and experiment, as well as developing new and strengthening the existing collaborations between the theoretical and experimental groups. A particular emphasis will be put on understanding the interplay of frustration, disorder and quantum fluctuations in frustrated magnetic systems.

Topics include:

  1.  Synthesis of novel magnetic materials

  2. New magnetic orderings and spin liquids 

  3. Spin-orbit coupled magnetism

  4. Numerical studies of spin systems: DMRG, Monte Carlo and exact diagonalization

  5. Spin-glass in magnetic systems

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