IBS-APCTP Conference on Advances in The Physics of Topological and Correlated Matter


Dates: September 19 - September 23, 2022

Location: IBS Science Culture Center

Chairs: Yunkyu Bang (APCTP)

            Sergej Flach (IBS PCS)

            Tae Won Noh (IBS CCES)

            Han Woong Yeom (IBS CALDES)

Local Organizers: Ki-Seok Kim (APCTP)

                             Moon Jip Park (IBS PCS)

                             Jung-Wan Ryu (IBS PCS)

                             Bohm-Jung Yang (IBS CCES)

Contact Info: Gileun Lee (IBS PCS / pcs@ibs.re.kr)

Webpage: https://ibs-conference.org/2022/APTCM/


Topology plays a pivotal role at the forefront in understanding correlated quantum matter. A plethora of relevant fields, e.g. topological superconductivity and magnetism, fractional Hall effect and spin liquids, non-equilibrium and open quantum systems, turn into exciting platforms to test our insights and to find new exotic states of matter. The main goal of this IBS-APCTP conference is to bring together experts from the above fields to get an overview of the current state and the most recent advances in understanding topological and correlated quantum matter.

Topics include:

  1. Fractional excitations and correlated phases

  2. Topological magnets

  3. Non-Hermitian systems

  4. Topological Floquet systems

  5. Non-equilibrium dynamics

  6. Moire materials and topological flat bands

  7. Topological band theory

  8. Machine learning and topology