Asian Network School and Workshop on Complex Condensed Matter Systems 2023


Dates: November 6 - 10, 2023

Location: Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam

Scientific coordinators: Tran Minh Tien (IOP-VAST, Vietnam)

                                     Sergej Flach (PCS IBS, Korea)

                                     Paul Pearce (UM/UQ, Austrailia)    

                                     Trinh Xuan Hoang (IOP-VAST, Vietnam)

                                     Nguyen Hong Quang (IOP-VAST, Vietnam)

                                     Nguyen Huy Viet (IOP-VAST, Vietnam)

                                     Duong Thi Man (IOP-VAST, Vietnam)

                                     Pham Thi Thanh Huong (IOP-VAST, Vietnam)                   


Organizers: Gileun Lee (PCS IBS, Korea)

                    Jaehee Kwon (PCS IBS, Korea)


The purpose of this Asian Network School and Workshop is to harness the combined expertise of the advanced network node members in Italy (ICTP) and Korea (APCTP, IBS-PCS) to foster the growth of advanced studies in theoretical physics, in particular, in condensed matter physics and complex systems in the regional developing countries in South East Asia. A particular focus is to help advance the research capabilities of early career scientists and students from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries in the region. The school and workshop are geared to promote active interaction among invited lecturers, academics, researchers and graduate students to enable them to share their own work and ideas and be updated on current research trends. Knowing the work of other groups in the region and scientists in the Asian Network can pave the way to define common research areas that require multi-disciplinal approaches and to start collaborative work in the future.

Topics include:

  1. Strongly correlated electrons

  2. Quantum phase transitions relating to electronic structure near defects, surfaces and interfaces, and low dimensional systems

  3. Nanodevices, ultrafast phenomena and quantum transport

  4. Decoherence, open systems, quantum statistical methods, many-body interactions and quantum information

  5. Entanglement and decoherence in Bose Einstein condensates; dissipation in quantum condensates

  6. Stochastic processes and complex systems

  7. Reactions in complex biological systems, granular model in complex systems