International Workshop on Effective Field Theory Beyond Ordinary Symmetries


Dates: December 2 - 6, 2024

Location: IBS Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems, Daejeon, Korea

Scientific Coordinators: Tomáš Brauner, Carlos Hoyos, Sergej Moroz, Dung Xuan Nguyen , Matthew M. Roberts, Dam Thanh Son

Contact Info: Gileun Lee (IBS PCS /


Our understanding of symmetry has revolutionized in the last decade, leading to new deep insights into what constitutes symmetry and how the latter constrains physical observables. The modern approach to symmetry has shed light on novel aspects of complex physical systems, bringing them together under a unified perspective. Much work has been done on the theoretical front, leading to concepts such as higher-form symmetries, higher-group symmetries, noninvertible symmetries, multipole symmetries, and the associated tensor gauge symmetries. We aim to stimulate the development of novel applications of these recently discovered generalized symmetries, covering a range of topics from formal aspects of generalized symmetry to already established applications.

Topics include:

  1. Higher group symmetry

  2. Multipole symmetry

  3. Non-invertible symmetry

  4. Fracton physics

  5. Emergent gauge theories

  6. Topological order

  7. Field theory dualities

  8. Strongly correlated quantum matter