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Call for Proposals

We invite the prospective conveners and scientific coordinators to apply for funding of the advanced study groups (ASG) and workshops in the broadly defined field of theoretical physics of complex systems.

Advanced Study Groups (4-10 members) are usually 1-3 months long programs designed to foster intensive collaboration between outstanding scientists and young researchers in residence. Each group consists of several scientists headed by a Principal Investigator (PI). The research work will focus on modern and important topics in the broadly defined field of the theoretical physics of complex systems. With the full organizational support of the Visitors Program, the group will attract further shorter-term visitors for seminars, lectures, discussions, and other meetings.

International workshops are on frontier and rapidly developing subjects, and on new interdisciplinary topics. The Center organizes focus workshops (2-3 days) and workshops (5 days). The activities cover all research areas related to the broadly defined field of theoretical physics of complex systems. Combinations with Advanced Study Group activities are welcome.

Proposals for ASGs and workshops are to be submitted to the PCS Visitor Program at pcs@ibs.re.kr - preferably by October of the year preceding the event.

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Proposal guidelines