Public Holidays

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Holidays in South Korea in 2024

Jan 1 (Mon)New Year

Feb 9 - 12 (Fri-Mon)Lunar New Year

Mar 1 (Fri)National Independence Movement Day

April 10 (Wed): The 22nd parliamentary election day

May 1 (Wed)Labor Day

May 5 (Sun)Children's Day > May 6 (Mon): Observed holiday

May 15 (Wed)Buddha's Birthday

Jun 6 (Thu)National Memorial Day

Aug 15 (Thu)National Liberation Day

Sep 16 - 18 (Mon-Wed)Chuseok

Oct 3 (Thu)National Foundation Day

Oct 9 (Wed)Hangul Day

Nov 21 (Thu)IBS Foundation Day

Dec 25 (Wed)Christmas

More information about Holidays in Korea is available here.


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