Internal PCS Research Seminars

The goal of these internal seminars is the presentation (and subsequent discussion) of running research projects, or recently submitted or published work affiliated with PCS.

The reserved slot for these research seminars is

Fri 11:00am 

Location: Seminar Room

Duration: 15 minutes presentation (obligatory for all available center members) with subsequent open end discussion (on voluntary basis)

The speaker is responsible for preparing all equipment well ahead in time for a timely start of the seminar.

Slots are to be agreed upon with the InternalSeminar Masters (currently Diana Thongjaomayum, Sang-Jun Choi).


30-Sep    Sergej Flach

07-Oct     Nojoon Myoung

14-Oct     Meng Sun

21-Oct     Alexei Andreanov

28-Oct     Jung-Wan Ryu

04-Nov    Hee Chul Park

11-Nov    Ilias Amanatidis

18-Nov    --------------- (IBS 5 years)

25-Nov    --------------- (PCS Workshop)

02-Dec    Ajith Ramachandran

09-Dec    --------------- (PCS Advisory Board meeting)

16-Dec    Ivan Savenko CANCELED

23-Dec    Wulayimu Maimaiti


6-Jan       Pinquan Qin

13-Jan     Ivan Savenko

20-Jan     Carlo Danieli

27-Jan     --------------- (Korean New Year’s Day)

3-Feb       Mithun Thudiyangal

10-Feb     Ara Go

17-Feb     Sukjin Yoon

24-Feb     Ihor Vakulchyk

3-Mar       Mikhail Fistul

10-Mar     Yagmur Kati

17-Mar     --------------- (APS March Meeting)

24-Mar     Nojoon Myoung

31-Mar     Meng Sun

7-Apr       Sergej Flach

14-Apr     Alexei Andreanov

21-Apr     --------------- (KPS Meeting)

28-Apr     Jung-Wan Ryu

5-May      --------------- (Children’s Day)

12-May    Hee Chul Park

19-May    --------------- (PCS Workshop)

26-May    Ajith Ramachandran

2-Jun       Wulayimu Maimaiti

9-Jun       Ihor Vakulchyk

16-Jun     Pinquan Qin

23-Jun     Carlo Danieli

30-Jun     Ilias Amanatidis

7-Jul        Mithun Thudiyangal

14-Jul      Ara Go

21-Jul      Ivan Savenko

28-Jul      Sukjin Yoon

4-Aug      Mikhail Fistul

11-Aug    Thomas Engl

18-Aug    Yuriy Rubo

25-Aug    Jiseon Shin

1-Sep      --------------- (PCS Workshop)

8-Sep      Yagmur Kati

15-Sep    Kristian Villegas

22-Sep    --------------- (PCS Workshop)

29-Sep    Minh-Tien Tran

6-Oct       --------------- (Korean Alternative Holiday)

13-Oct     Daniel Leykam

20-Oct     Lauri Toikka

27-Oct     ---------------- (PCS Workshop)

3-Nov      Meng Sun

10-Nov    ----------------- (PCS Workshop)

17-Nov    Alexei Andreanov

24-Nov    ----------------- (Hanoi School)

1-Dec      Jung-Wan Ryu

8-Dec      Hee Chul Park

15-Dec    Wulayimu Maimaiti

22-Dec    Ajith Ramachandran

29-Dec    Ihor Vakulchyk


5-Jan       Yuriy Rubo

12-Jan     Pinquan Qin

19-Jan     Sergej Flach

26-Jan     Ara Go

2-Feb       Carlo Danieli CANCELED

9-Feb       Thomas Engl

16-Feb     --------------- (Korean New Year’s Day)

23-Feb     Ivan Savenko

2-Mar       Mithun Thudiyangal

9-Mar       --------------- (APS March Meeting)

16-Mar     Diana Thongjaomayum

23-Mar     Merab Malishava

30-Mar     Lauri Toikka

6-Apr       Sukjin Yoon

13-Apr     Carlo Danieli

20-Apr     Mikhail Fistul

27-Apr     --------------- (KPS Meeting)

4-May      Sang-Jun Choi

11-May    Kristian Villegas

18-May    Ihor Vakulchyk

25-May    Dogyun Ko

1-Jun       Daniel Leykam

8-Jun       Jung-Wan Ryu

15-Jun     Yagmur Kati

22-Jun     Alexei Andreanov

29-Jun     ----------------- (PCS Workshop)

6-Jul        Special Session (Kosterlitz)

13-Jul      Hee Chul Park

20-Jul      Meng Sun

27-Jul      Wulayimu Maimaiti

3-Aug      Ivan Savenko

10-Aug    Ara Go

17-Aug    ----------------- (PCS Workshop)

24-Aug    Hyeong Jun Lee

31-Aug    Mithun Thudiyangal

7-Sep      ----------------- (PCS Workshop)

14-Sep    Pramod Padmanabhan

21-Sep    Sungjong Woo

28-Sep    Carlo Danieli

5-Oct       Diana Thongjaomayum

12-Oct     Mikhail Fistul

19-Oct     Kristian Villegas

26-Oct     ----------------- (KPS Meeting)

2-Nov      ----------------- (PCS Workshop)

9-Nov      ----------------- (Thailand School)

16-Nov    Jungyun Han

23-Nov    Merab Malishava

30-Nov    Kicheon Kang

7-Dec      Sukjin Yoon

14-Dec    Jung-Wan Ryu

21-Dec    Ihor Vakulchyk

28-Dec    Yagmur Kati


4-Jan       Sang-Jun Choi

11-Jan     Hee Chul Park

18-Jan     Daniel Leykam

25-Jan     ----------------- (PCS Retreat)

1-Feb       Sergej Flach

8-Feb       Alexei Andreanov

15-Feb     Wulayimu Maimaiti

22-Feb     Dogyun Ko

1-Mar       ----------------- (Independence Movement Day)

8-Mar       ----------------- (APS March Meeting)

15-Mar     Meng-Sun

22-Mar     Yagmur Kati

29-Mar     Kun Woo Kim

5-Apr        Ara Go

12-Apr      Ivan Savenko

19-Apr      Anton Parafilo

26-Apr      ----------------- (KPS Meeting)

3-May       Mithun Thudiyangal

10-May     Diana Thongjaomayum

17-May     Sungjong Woo

24-May     ----------------- (Workshop)

31-May     Hyeong Jun Lee

7-Jun        Pramod Padmanabhan

14-Jun      Carlo Danieli

21-Jun      ----------------- (Workshop)

28-Jun      Merab Malishava

5-Jul         Jungyun Han

12-Jul       Jung-Wan Ryu

19-Jul       Alexei Andreanov

26-Jul       Daniel Leykam

2-Aug       Hee Chul Park

9-Aug       Sang-Jun Choi

16-Aug     Ihor Vakulchyk

23-Aug     Mikhail Fistul

30-Aug     Niladri Gomes

6-Sep       Juzar Thingna

13-Sep     ----------------- (Korean Thanksgiving Day)

20-Sep     Arindam Mallick

27-Sep     Dogyun Ko

4-Oct        Yagmur Kati

11-Oct      Woo Seok Lee

18-Oct      ----------------- (Workshop)

25-Oct      Meng-Sun

1-Nov       Anton Parafilo

8-Nov       ----------------- (Asian School)

15-Nov     Ivan Savenko

22-Nov     Hyeong Jun Lee

29-Nov     Diana Thongjaomayum

6-Dec       Ara Go

13-Dec     Wulayimu Maimaiti

20-Dec     Sungjong Woo  CANCELED

27 Dec     Pramod Padmanabhan  CANCELED


3-Jan       Merab Malishava

10-Jan     Alexei Andreanov

17-Jan     Daniel Leykam

24-Jan     --------------- (Korean New Year’s Day)

31-Jan     Sungjong Woo

7-Feb       Sinan Gundogdu  CANCELED

14-Feb     Pramod Padmanabhan

21-Feb     Sinan Gundogdu

28-Feb     Tilen Cadez  POSTPONED

6-Mar       Sarika Jalan  POSTPONED

13-Mar     Jayendra Nath Bandyopadhyay  POSTPONED

20-Mar     Ihor Vakulchyk  POSTPONED

27-Mar     Jungyun Han  POSTPONED

3-Apr        ----------------- (Workshop)

10-Apr      Tilen Cadez

17-Apr      Sarika Jalan

24-Apr      Rohith Manayil

8-May       Jayendra Nath Bandyopadhyay

15-May     Ihor Vakulchyk

22-May     Jungyun Han

29-May     Alexei Andreanov

5-Jun        Jung-Wan Ryu

12-Jun      Daniel Leykam

19-Jun      Hee Chul Park

26-Jun      Nana Chang

3-Jul         Arindam Mallick

10-Jul       Ki Hoon Lee

17-Jul       Alexandra Maluckov

24-Jul       Juzar Thingna

31-Jul       Yagmur Kati

7-Aug       Dogyun Ko

14-Aug     Anton Parafilo

21-Aug     Woo Seok Lee


                                      IBS Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems (PCS), Administrative Office (B349), Theory Wing, 3rd floor

                                      Expo-ro 55, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea, 34126 Tel: +82-42-878-8633