1. hybridization of the 3d toric code and the x-cube model

Jintae Kim

Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

26 November 2021 Fri 3.30 pm

                                      IBS Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems (PCS), Administrative Office (B349), Theory Wing, 3rd floor

                                      Expo-ro 55, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea, 34126 Tel: +82-42-878-8633                     

In this talk, we introduce exactly solvable fracton models on a cubic lattice which is, in fact, the hybridization of the 3D toric code and the X-cube model. Z_3 degrees of freedom are on each link, and the vertex, the cube, and the plaquette terms consist of the models. There are two models: the model with only the vertex and the cube terms present (the AB model) and another one that includes every term (the ABC model). Most of the fracton models have sub-extensive ground state degeneracy (GSD). However, our models have extensive GSD or constant GSD. The models show a non-trivial statistical phase between free vertex excitation and a fluxon or fracton cluster and immobility of fracton accompanied by the creation of fluxons.