1. topological aspects of a multi-partite non-hermitian su-schrieffer-heeger model

Ritu Nehra

Raman Research Institute, India

29 March 2022 Tue 4 pm

                                      IBS Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems (PCS), Administrative Office (B349), Theory Wing, 3rd floor

                                      Expo-ro 55, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea, 34126 Tel: +82-42-878-8633                     

Non-Hermitian systems such as open or lossy systems are ubiquitous in na- ture. The basic ways to create a non-Hermitian system are by employing the on-site gain and loss energies or imbalance/non-reciprocal hoppings. This leads to the directional asymmetry in the system and some critical points known as exceptional points with special properties. In this talk, I will discuss the multipartite non-Hermitian Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model as a pro- totypical example of one-dimensional systems with several sublattice sites for unveiling intriguing insulating and metallic phases with no Hermitian coun- terparts. These phases are characterized by composite cyclic loops of multiple complex-energy bands encircling single or multiple exceptional points (EPs) on the parametric space of real and imaginary energy. We show the topology of these composite loops can be quantified by a nonadiabatic cyclic geometric phase which includes contributions only from the participating bands. We analytically derive a complete phase diagram with the phase boundaries of the model. We further examine the connection between encircling of multiple EPs by complex-energy bands on parametric space and associated topology.


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