Advanced Study Group: Topological States of Light and Beyond


Andrey Miroshnichenko (ANU, Australia)

Hee Chul Park (PCS IBS, South Korea)

Konstantin Bliokh (CEMS – RIKEN, Japan)

Yidong Chong (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Alexander Khanikaev (Queens College CUNY, USA)

Ki-Seok Kim (POSTECH, South Korea)

Kun Woo Kim (KIAS, South Korea)

Alexander Poddubny (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Russia)

Anton Souslov (Instituut-Lorenz for Theoretical Physics, Netherlands)


This Advanced Study Group will focus on new fundamental properties of light in their most exotic topologically nontrivial form. Such an entirely new electromagnetic platform of photonic topological insulators lays down a solid background for further technological advances, e.g., by revealing the mechanism for networks of robust optical waveguides and various photonic elements and devices robust to disorder.


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