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Meeting with Nature Physics Editor

The Editor: Dr. Luke R. Fleet


Nature-branded journals continue to strive to publish the most significant advances in research on various topics. We are on the lookout for novel findings whose importance can be appreciated not only by specialists in the field, but also by a broader audience of scientists in the natural sciences and related disciplines.

Representatives of centers in IBS will briefly introduce themselves and their research, and will have discussion with each other. The Editor of Nature Physics will be present at the Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems and will give information and editorial criteria in the editorial process at Nature physics and communications, as well as insight through his views on current trends in publishing in Nature journals. He will answer questions on publishing your research papers in Nature physics and communications in an informal setting. Everyone is welcome to attend.


13:00-13:50 Introduction of each center (10~15 minutes)

13:50-14:00 Coffee break

14:00-14:50 40-minute speech by Dr. Luke R. Fleet

14:50-15:30 Q&A, Discussion about publishing