Dr. Sergei Koniakhin


Junior Research Team Leader


      Rm B367

Research topics

Quantum fluids of light (since 2017)

Solitons in exciton-polariton quantum fluids
Quantum turbulence in polariton BECs
Vortices in optically-driven systems
Nanodiamonds (since 2008)

Theory of Raman scattering
Theory of phonon damping in disordered lattices
Theory of absorption and scattering of light
Fractionation and purification methods

Graphene and sp2 carbons (since 2012)

Heat transport and thermopower
Non-linear electron transport
Characterization by means or Raman spectroscopy and Powder X-Ray diffraction
Biophysics (since 2016)

Nanoparticles in biophysics
Bio-impedance studies
Ecology and population dynamics
Medical statistics

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