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Optics of Quantum Fluids and Nanomaterials


Team Leader

Sergei Koniakhin


Team Members

Olha Bahrova

Kabyashree Sonowal

Oleg Utesov

Research Interests

Optical properties of nanostructures

- Optical phonons in nanoparticles and Raman scattering

- Disorder effects on phonons in nanostructures

- Non-linear aspects of lattice dynamics in nanoparticles

- Absorption and elastic scattering of light by nanodiamonds

Quantum fluids of light

- Vortices and solitons dynamics

- Quantum turbulence

- Artificial photonic lattices

- Effects of disorder on quantum fluid dynamics


Oleg Utesov and Andrey Yashenkin


Dmitry Solnyshkov and Guillaume Malpuech


Daniil Stupin


Aleksandra Siklitckaia



Ihor Vakulchyk