21 December 2015 2pm

Sang Wook Lee, Konkuk University, Korea

Low Dimensional Nanostructure Based NEMS: Fundamental Studies and Applications

10 December 2015 3pm

Vladimir Yurovsky, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Abandoned Symmetry

30 November 2015 4:30pm

Kang-Hun Ahn, Chungnam National University, Korea

Lecture on Deep Learning II

24 November 2015 3pm

Alexei Andreanov, PCS IBS

Lattice sphere packing: the importance of being perfect

23 November 2015 3pm

Uwe Fischer, Seoul National University, Korea

Revealing single-trap fragmented condensates as "photonic" Schrodinger cat states 

23 November 2015 11am

Jung Wan Ryu, PCS IBS

New phenomena of quantum chaos in optical microcavities

2 November 2015 4:30pm

Kang-Hun Ahn, Chungnam National University, Korea

Lecture on Deep Learning I

19 October 2015 3pm

Eduard Fedorov, Vavilov State Optical Institute, Russia

2D and 3D light bullets in carbon nanostructures: Interaction of electromagnetic pulses with an electron inhomogeneity in an array of carbon nanotubes

16 October 2015 3pm

Peter Fulde, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Germany

Wavefunctions for large electron numbers

16 October 2015 11am

Kicheon Kang, Chonnam National University, Korea

Interference of a single charged particle produced from two independent sources

13 October 2015 2pm

Masayuki Sato, Kanazawa University, Japan

Traveling Intrinsic Localized Modes in a Driven-­Damped Nonlinear Lattice

12 October 2015 2pm

Natalia Khotkevych, B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Ukraine

A closer look to scanning tunneling microscopy: beginning, flourishing and prospects

08 October 2015 2pm

David Laroze, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Localized chaotic patterns in weakly dissipative magnetic systems

07 October 2015 2pm

Ivan Savenko, Aalto University, Finland

Coherent quantum transport of exciton polaritons in mesostructures

30 September 2015 11am

Sukjin Yoon, KIAS, Korea

Quantum Quench of Cold Fermi Gases

11 September 2015 11am

Jun Won Rhim, KIAS, Korea

Cyclotron motions in exotic semi-metals

10 September 2015 2pm

Krzysztof Zegadlo, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Stabilization of solitons under competing nonlinearities by external potentials

09 September 2015 2pm

Boris Malomed, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Stable two-­dimensional semi­-vortex solitons in spin-­orbit­-coupled self-attractive Bose-­Einstein condensates in free space

08 September 2015 2pm

Eli Barkai, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Weak ergodicity breaking: from single molecules in the live cell to blinking quantum dots

07 September 2015 2pm

Tassos Bountis, University of Patras, Greece

Long Range Interactions in Physical and Biological Complex Systems

04 September 2015 2pm

Oleg Gendelman, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Transition fronts and oscillatory tails in nonlinear lattices

03 September 2015 2pm

Leila Rajabi, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Effective rate constant for nanostructured heterogeneous catalysis

20 August 2015 2pm

Javad Vahedi, Sari Branch of Islamic Azad University, Iran

Heat dissipation and its relation to molecular orbital energies in single-molecule junctions

17 August 2015 2pm

Victor Fleurov, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Analogue Hawking radiation in an Nonlinear Optical System

24 July 2015 9am - 6pm


20 July 2015 2pm

Ricardo Guimaraes Dias, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Origami rules for the construction of localized eigenstates of the Hubbard model in decorated lattices

16 July 2015 2pm

Ramaz Khomeriki, University of Tbilissi, Georgia

Quantum Band-Gap Transmission

15 July 2015 4pm 

Emil Yuzbashyan, Rutgers University, USA

Generalized Gibbs ensemble DeMystified 3

15 July 2015 2pm

Giuseppe Luca Celardo, Catholic University Brescia, Italy

Zeno dynamics and Cooperative Shielding from long range interaction in disordered models for quantum transport

14 July 2015 5:30pm 

Emil Yuzbashyan, Rutgers University, USA

Generalized Gibbs ensemble DeMystified 2

14 July 2015 4pm

Emil Yuzbashyan, Rutgers University, USA

Generalized Gibbs ensemble DeMystified 1

14 July 2015 2pm 

Antonio Politi, University of Aberdeen, UK

Coupled transport in chains of oscillators

10 July 2015 2pm

Ashok K. Das, GNU, Korea

Charged dendrimers under the action of DC and AC electric fields: Shape distortions, master curves, breathing characteristics, polarizations and ion distributions

10 July 2015 11am

Lara Faoro, LPTHE CNRS, France

Microscopic theory of flux noise and open questions

9 July 2015 4pm 

Sergey Denisov, University of Augsburg, Germany

Anomalous perturbation spreading in two-dimensional nonlinear lattices

9 July 2015 2pm

Xiaoquan Yu, University of Otago, New Zealand

Non-Gibbs phases, self-trapping and nonlinear wave spreading in disordered DNLS chains 

8 July 2015 2pm

Boris Altshuler, Columbia University, USA

Quantum Levy flights

7 July 2015 4pm 

Lev Ioffe, Rutgers University, USA

Phase diagram of one-dimensional Josephson junction chain: non-ergodicity and many body localization

7 July 2015 2pm

Igor Aleiner, Columbia University, USA

The internal structure of a vortex in a two-dimensional superfluid with long healing length

6 July 2015 2pm

Ido Kaminer, MIT, USA

Shaping the wavepackets of relativistic particles: altering their lifetime and radiation

3 July 2015 2pm

Hyun-Jung Lee, KAIST, Korea

Quadrupolar Kondo Effect in Iron-based Superconductor Sr2VO3FeAs

2 July 2015 2pm

Carlo Danieli, NZIAS Massey University, New Zealand

Aubry Andre model, Approximated and Exact Metal-Insulator Transition

1 July 2015 2pm

Joshua Bodyfelt, NZIAS Massey University, New Zealand

Anderson Localization and Quasiperiodics within Flatband Lattices

30 June 2015 2pm

Richard Berkovits, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Entanglement Properties and Quantum Phase Transitions in Many Body Disordered One Dimensional Systems

29 June 2015 2pm

Gentaro Watanabe, PCS IBS

Non-linear phenomena in superfluid Fermi gases in an optical lattice ― swallowtails and period doubling

26 June 2015 3pm

Richard Berkovits, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Tutorial on Entanglement and Density Matrix Renormalization Group methods

10 June 2015 11AM

Pinquan Qin, PCS IBS

Dynamical Anderson transition in one-dimensional periodically kicked incommensurate lattices

09 June 2015 1PM

Jongbae Hong, PCS IBS

Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Kondo Phenomena

03 June 2015 11AM

Ajith Ramachandran, Central University of Kerala, India

Plasmon assisted optical properties of linear and nonlinear nano-systems

02 June 2015 11AM

Joonsuk Huh, Harvard University, USA

Boson Sampling for Molecular Vibronic Spectra

Talks and Colloquia


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