December 23 Friday 10 am

Gil Young Cho, KAIST, Korea

Novel Quantum Criticality in Two Dimensional Topological Phase transitions

December 12 Monday 5 pm

1st PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

Larry Schulman, Clarkson University, USA

Physical Ergodicity: A Faith-Based Myth

December 12 Monday 3.30 pm

1st PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

Paul Pearce, University of Melbourne, Australia

Yang-Baxter Solution of Periodic Dimers as a Free-Fermion Six-Vertex Model

December 12 Monday 2.30 pm

1st PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

Boris Altshuler, Columbia University, USA

Ergodic and non-ergodic and localized phases and phase transitions of Anderson model on Bethe lattice

December 7 Wednesday 3 pm

Vladislav Popkov, University of Bonn, Germany

Matrix Product Ansatz for nonequilibrium steady states

December 6 Tue 4 pm

Ali G. Z. Moghaddam, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Iran

Inducing superconductivity in two dimensional materials

December 5 Mon 3 pm

Lawrence Schulman, Clarkson University, USA

Testing Quantum Determinism

November 29 Tue 4 pm

Vladislav Popkov, University of Bonn, Germany

Fibonacci universality classes in driven systems with conversation laws

November 24 Thu 3 pm

SungBin Lee, KAIST, Korea

Kondo insulators and their phase transitions in nonsymmorphic crystals

November 24 Thu 11 am

Heung-Sik Kim, University of Toronto, Canada

Towards realizing quantum spin liquid phases in 2D and 3D honeycomb lattices; insights from a density-functional theory approach

November 23 Wed 3 pm

Wonkeun Chang, Australian National University, Austrailia

Solitons and Dissipative Solitons for Extreme Light Sources

November 22 Tue 4 pm

Mikhail Fistul, National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Russia

Electrodynamics of superconducting quantum metamaterials: quantum synchronization

November 22 Tue 11 am

Peter Fulde, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Germany

The role of spin-orbit interaction in superconductivity

November 15 Tue 4 pm

Kristian Hauser A. Villegas, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines

Quantum many-body systems from condensed matter to QCD

November 10 Thu 3 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Kang Young Lee, Gyeongsang National University, Korea

SHiP - Search for Hidden Particles

Location: IBS CTPU, Faculty Wing (3rd floor), KAIST Munji Campus

November 10 Thu 11 am

Biplab Pal, University of Kalyani, India

Spin dependent transport in simple model magnetic chains

November 9 Wed 3 pm

Diana Thongjaomayum, North-Eastern Hill University, India

Statistical Mechanics of Avalanches

November 8 Tue 4 pm

Beom Hyun Kim, RIKEN, Japan

Electronic, excitation, and topological properties in a t_{2g}^5 system with a honeycomb lattice

October 20 Thu 3 pm

M. Abdul Wasay, University of Agriculture, Pakistan

An extended DNLS model as a wave diode

October 19 Wed 3 pm

Mikko Möttönen, Aalto University, Finland

Recent progress at Quantum Computing and Devices Laboratories

October 11 Tue 4pm

Denis Karpov, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Theoretical description of bias-controlled polariton devices

September 29 Thu 3 pm

Rajesh Narayanan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

The multifaceted role of quenched disorder in condensed matter systems

September 27 Tue 4 pm

Marcelo Ciappina, ELI-Beamlines, Czech Republic

Attosecond Physics gets Nano

September 20 Tue 4 pm

Alexander Cherny, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia

The structure of deterministic mass, surface and multi-phase fractals from small-angle scattering data

August 24 Wed 3 pm

Sukjin Yoon, KIAS, Korea

Pairing Dynamics of quenched Superfluid Fermi gases

August 12 Fri 11 am

Juergen Schreiber, Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems, Germany

New Approach to Material and Tissue Aging

August 8 Mon 3 pm

Pan-Jun Kim, APCTP, Korea

Large-scale approach to complex biological systems

August 4 Thu 3 pm

Vadim Kovalev, Institute of Semiconductor Physics, RAS, Russia

Acousto-exitonic effects in 2D dipolar exciton gas

August 3 Wed 3 pm

Lauri Toikka, Massey University, New Zealand

Solitonic vortex in a compressible superfluid

August 2 Tue 4 pm

Rodrigo Vicencio, University of Chile, Chile

Flat band and dipolar discrete optics

June 20 Mon 11 am

Guangyao Li, Australian National University, Canberra

Nonlinear dynamics of exciton-polariton open-dissipative quantum fluid

June 17 Fri 3 pm

Thomas Engl, Massey University, New Zealand

Universal Many-Body Interference beyond Mean-Field Theory in Fock Space

June 17 Fri 11 am

Eun-Gook Moon, KAIST, South Korea

Topological Phase Transitions in Line-nodal Superconductors

June 16 Thu 3 pm

Wei-Min Wang, University of Paris-Sud, France

Time quasi-periodic solutions to the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations on higher dimensional torus

June 15 Wed 3 pm

Sergey Denisov, Augsburg University, Germany

Metastable (or quasi-stationary) states of open quantum systems

June 14 Tue 4 pm

Emil Yuzbashyan, Rutgers University, USA

Far from equilibrium phases of superfluid matter

June 13 Mon 3 pm

Shmuel Fishman, Technion, Israel

Statistical Description of Dynamical Systems in Mixed Phase Space: Chaotic and Regular

June 10 Fri 3 pm

Ramaz Khomeriki, Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Fractional lattice charge transport

09 June 2016 3pm

Lev Ioffe, Rutgers University, USA

Non-ergodic phases in strongly disordered random regular graphs

08 June 2016 3pm

Antonio Politi, University of Aberdeen, UK

Coupled Transport in One-dimensional Systems

07 June 2016 4pm

Lara Faoro, LPTHE CNRS, France

Out-of-time-order-correlators in solid state physics

02 June 2016 3pm

Jongbae Hong, Seoul National University and PCS IBS

Reconciling Tunneling Spectroscopy and Photoemission Spectroscopy in Cuprate and Pnictide Superconductors

31 May 2016 4pm

Boris Altshuler, Columbia University, USA

Between Localization and Ergodicity in Quantum Systems

26 May 2016 3pm

Vladimir Yudson,  ISAN RAS and RQC, Russia

Spin impurities in topological insulators

24 May 2016 4pm

Gil Young Cho, KAIST, South Korea

Quantum Anomaly, Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem, and Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases

23 May 2016 3pm

Yuri Rubo, UNAM, Mexico

Spin bifurcations in exciton-polariton condensates

19 May 2016 3pm

Heung-Sun Sim, KAIST, South Korea

Entanglement in condensed matter: Towards finite temperature

18 May 2016 3pm

Vladimir Kravtsov,  ICTP, Italy

Ergodic transitions in hierarchical and many-body systems

17 May 2016 4pm

Rosario Fazio, ICTP, Italy

Energy transport between two integrable spin chains

16 May 2016 3pm

Utkarsh Mishra, APCTP, Korea

Dynamics of quantum correlations in many-body systems

12 May 2016 3pm

Mithun Thudiyangal, Pondicherry University, India

Effects of disorder on vortex dynamics in Bose-Einstein Condensates

11 May 2016 3pm

Ki-Seok Kim, POSTECH, South Korea

Two-parameter scaling theory of the longitudinal magneto conductivity in a Weyl metal phase: Chiral anomaly, weak disorder, and finite temperature

10 May 2016 4pm

Natasha Kirova, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, CNRS & University Paris-sud, France

Electronic correlations and excitons in optically active polymers

09 May 2016 3pm

Natasha Kirova, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, CNRS & University Paris-sud, France

Modeling of nonlinear and non-stationary multi vortex behavior of CDW in restricted geometries of mesa junctions

04 May 2016 3pm

Bakhodir Abdullaev, National University of Uzbekistan

Observed hidden magnetic order as pseudogap and superconductivity pairs and set of underdone metal insulator-crossover phenomena as keystone of physics of cuprates

04 May 2016 11am

Serguei Brazovskii, LPTMS, CNRS and University Paris-Sud, France

Dynamical phase transitions in electronic systems induced by ultra-fast optical pumping

03 May 2016 11am

Serguei Brazovskii, LPTMS, CNRS and University Paris-Sud, France

Solitons in correlated electronic systems: at one dimension and beyond

02 May 2016 3pm

Serguei Brazovskii, LPTMS, CNRS and University Paris-Sud, France

Low dimensional electronic systems: firework of symmetry broken ground states and their collective effects

29 April 2016 11am

Eugene Kogan, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Critical Phenomena in Disordered Magnets: Lecture II

28 April 2016 3pm

Gentaro Watanabe, Zhejiang University, China

Quantum Fluctuation Theorems and Power Measurements

27 April 2016 11am

Eugene Kogan, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Critical Phenomena in Disordered Magnets: Lecture I

26 April 2016 4pm

M. Howard Lee, University of Georgia, USA

Hamilton-Jacobi trajectories of comets Kohoutek and ISON: A novel approach to celestial dynamics

26 April 2016 11am

Isao Sawada, National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College, Japan

Wave-number dependent dynamics for a harmonic oscillator

25 April 2016 3pm

Serge Aubry, CEA Saclay, France

Elementary Chemical Reaction Theory revisited: Application to Biochemistry

19 April 2016 4pm

Victor Fleurov, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Collective States in Optical Cavities

19 April 2016 11am

Hugo Flayac, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, France

Single Photons from Dissipations in Coupled Cavities

18 April 2016 3pm

Yejin Huh, University of Toronto, Canada

Long-range Coulomb interaction in nodal-ring semimetals

15 April 2016 3pm

Rolf Schilling, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany

Fluids Close to Two-dimensionality: Statics and Dynamics

14 April 2016 3pm

Matthieu Vert, Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University, France

Converting the Schelling's segregation model into Markov chains

12 April 2016 4pm

Eugene Kogan, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Phase transitions in disordered magnets

08 April 2016 3pm

Kwon Park, KIAS, Korea

Electric-field-induced nonequilibrium physics in condensed matter systems

07 April 2016 3pm

Benjamin Snow, University of Strathclyde, UK

Some Predictions Arising from a Novel Dynamic Theory for Smectic A Liquid Crystals

06 April 2016 3pm

Ara Go, Columbia University, USA

Adaptive Truncation of the Hilbert Space in the Impurity Solver for the Dynamical Mean-field Theory

23 March 2016 3pm

Farokh Mivehvar, University of Calgary, Canada

Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates in Ring Cavities

22 March 2016 4pm

Aki Kutvonen, Aalto University, Finland

Information Thermodynamics of Small Systems

22 March 2016 11am

Elias Amanatidis, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Local Heating and Cooling Criterion in Nanoscale Systems

21 March 2016 3pm

Konstantin Kladko, Galactic Exchange

The Promise of Big Data and Machine Learning for Physics and Chemistry

19 February 2016 3pm

Gentaro Watanabe, PCS IBS 

Fluctuation theorem and phase transitions: emergent universal scaling of nonequilibrium processes in critical systems

18 February 2016 3pm

Hyungon Ryu, NVIDIA, Korea

Introduction to Heterogeneous HPC

18 February 2016 11am

Duck Young Kim, Center for High Pressure Science & Technology Advanced Research, China

A computational approach to novel materials under pressure

17 February 2016 3pm

Giuseppe Luca Celardo, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy 

Cooperative effects in quantum transport: shielding and localization

12 February 2016 3pm

Giuseppe Luca Celardo, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy

Cooperative effects in quantum transport: Cooperative Shielding

11 February 2016 3pm

Alireza Akbari, Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Korea

Quasiparticle interference in heavy fermion superconductors

05 February 2016 3pm

Hani Hatami, PCS IBS

Report on diamond chain in the presence of magnetic field

02 February 2016 4pm

Pinquan Qin, PCS IBS

Two bosons system with delta-function interaction and kicked driven potential

01 February 2016 3pm

Hani Hatami, PCS IBS

Quasiperiodic driving of Anderson localized waves in one dimension

28 January 2016 3pm

Wulayimu Maimaiti, PCS IBS

Generalization of one dimensional flatband lattice models

27 January 2016 3pm

Natalia Khotkevych, PCS IBS

Application of Deep Learning Algorithm to Systems with Chaos

18 January 2016 3pm

Mahn-Soo Choi, Korea University, Korea

Relativistic and Topological Dynamics of Topological Materials

Talks and Colloquia


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