Talks and Colloquia



December 20 Wednesday 6 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Moti Segev, Technion, Israel

Topological Photonics and Topological Insulator Lasers

December 20 Wednesday 2 pm

2nd PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

Byungnam Kahng, Seoul National University, Korea

Scaling theory for unipolar resistance switching    

December 20 Wednesday 11.30 am

2nd PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

Yunkyu Bang, Chonnam National University, Korea

Dynamical tuning of pairing cutoff: Pairing mechanism of the FeSe-monolayer and related systems

December 20 Wednesday 10 am

2nd PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

Boris Altshuler, Columbia University, USA

Many-body localization of a quantum computer

December 12 Tuesday 3.30 pm

2nd PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

Jan-Michael Rost, MPI—PKS, Germany

Photo electron cutoff in dense media

December 12 Tuesday 2 pm

2nd PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

David Campbell, Boston University, USA

Fold, staple, and mutilate: kirigami for 2D electronic materials

December 12 Tuesday 11.30 am

2nd PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

Naoto Nagaosa, RIKEN CEMS, Japan

Nonreciprocal responses in solids

December 12 Tuesday 10 am

2nd PCS Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

Antonio Politi, University of Aberdeen, UK

Coupled transport in chains of nonlinear oscillators

December 8 Friday 3 pm

Ittipon Fongkaew, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand    

Identification materials by combination of first principle calculations with experiment

December 7 Thursday 3 pm

Sirichok Jungthawan, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand    

Quartic anharmonicity and negative thermal expansion of ScF

December 6 Wednesday 3 pm

Barbara Dietz, Lanzhou University, China    

Experiments with superconducting microwave resonators emulating artificial graphene

December 4 Monday 3 pm

Apostolos Apostolakis, Loughborough University, UK    

High-frequency electron transport in a miniband superlattice under phonon driving

November 29 Wednesday 3 pm

Mikhail Kiselev, ICTP, Italy

Thermoelectric transport through SU(N) Kondo impurity

November 23 Thursday 3 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Chunglee Kim, KASI, Korea

Exploring the Universe via Gravitational waves in the era of multi-messenger astronomy

Location: IBS CTPU, Faculty Wing (3rd floor), KAIST Munji Campus

November 16 Thursday 3 pm

Vladislav Popkov, University of Bonn, Germany    

Dissipative generation of nonequilibrium quantum steady states with reduced rank

November 15 Wednesday 3 pm

Byungnam Kahng, Seoul National University, Korea    

Hybrid percolation transitions: criticality and explosion

November 14 Tuesday 4 pm

Marco Ornigotti, University of Rostock, Germany

Classical and quantum X waves orbital angular momentum

October 30 Monday 3 pm

Taegeun Song, POSTECH, Korea   

Biophysical modeling for glucose homeostasis: environment-dependent synchronization of active rotators

October 24 Tuesday 3.15 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Igor Lesanovsky, University of Nottingham, UK  

Non-equilibrium spin systems – from quantum soft-matter to nuclear magnetic resonance  

October 20 Friday 3 pm

Jan Goetz, Aalto University, Finland   

Noise-enhanced quantum control

October 19 Thursday 3 pm

Bongju Kim, IBS–CCES & Seoul National University, Korea   

Dimensional study and ionic molecule device on ultra-thin manganite film

October 18 Wednesday 3 pm

Nicolás Lorente, Materials Physics Center, Donostia Int’l Physics Center, Spain    

The spintronics of adsorbates

October 13 Friday 11:50 am - 12:10 pm

Jungyun Han, Seoul National University, Korea  

Decoherence due to gravity: Open quantum system approaches

October 12 Thursday 4 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Hyeon K. Park, UNIST, Korea  

Korean fusion energy development program and role of the KSTAR

Location: KAIST Munji Campus, Lecture Wing, L104 (1st floor)

September 26 Tuesday 4 pm

Alexander Cherny, Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINT, Russia

Some aspects of superfluidity in the one-dimensional Bose gas

September 14 Thursday 3 pm

Fedor Kusmartsev, Loughborough University, UK

Superconducting pairing in 2-chain Luttinger liquid

September 7 Thursday 3 pm

Alexander Chudnovskiy, University of Hamburg, Germany

Exotic quantum phases and their control in spinor Bose condensates

September 5 Tuesday 4 pm

Victor Kagalovsky, Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel

Metal-insulator transition in sliding Luttinger liquid

September 5 Tuesday 11.30 am

Yutaro Goto, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

Magnetic order control through an optical vortex radiation

September 5 Tuesday 10.30 am

Nobuhiko Yokoshi, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

Excitation processes by nano-structured light fields

August 29 Tuesday 4 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Alexander Szameit, University of Rostock, Germany

Topological Photonics

August 23 Wednesday 3 pm

Dario Poletti, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Interplay of dissipation and interaction in quantum many body systems: perfect spin diode and instability transitions

August 22 Tuesday 4 pm

Igor Yusipov, N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Control of localization in open systems

August 17 Thursday 3 pm

Haris Skokos, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Chaotic behavior of disordered nonlinear systems

August 1 Tuesday 4 pm

Vadim Kovalev, A.V.Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, RAS SB, Russia

Damping of Two-Level System Rabi Oscillation Due to Interaction with Excitonic Bath

July 28 Friday 3 pm

Andrey Miroshnichenko, Australian National University, Australia

Observation of anapole with dielectric nanoparticles

July 13 Thursday 3 pm

Junhyun Lee, University of Maryland, USA

Chiral anomaly in disordered Weyl semimetals

June 30 Friday 3 pm

Karen Halberg, Centro Atomico Bariloche and Instituto Balseiro, Argentina

Electronic properties in correlated materials: State-of-the-art calculations exploiting quantum information

June 13 Tuesday 4 pm

Hyun-Jung Lee, POSTECH, Korea

Quantum Coulomb Glass: Anderson localization in an interacting system

June 1 Thursday 3 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Yunchul Kim, KIAS and Studio Locus Solus, Korea

Mattereality in collaboration of Art and Science

Location: IBS CTPU, Faculty Wing (3rd floor), KAIST Munji Campus

May 31 Wednesday 3 pm

Youngkuk Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Topological Dirac insulator

May 24 Wednesday 4 pm

Alireza Akbari, ATCTP, Korea

Mixed-pairing superconductivity in 5d Mott insulators with antisymmetric exchange

May 24 Wednesday 3 pm

Peter Fulde, MPIPKS, Germany

Wave functions for large electron numbers

April 27 Thursday 3 pm

Victor Fleurov, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Analogue gravity by an optical vortex. Resonance enhancement of Hawking radiation

April 26 Wednesday 3 pm

Sang-Jun Choi, KAIST, Korea

Tunable periodicity of Josephson junction by non-Abelian exchange statistics of Majorana zero modes

April 25 Tuesday 4 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Lorenz Cederbaum, University of Heidelberg, Germany

On systems with and without excess energy in environment - ICD and other interatomic mechanisms

April 18 Tuesday 4 pm

Igor Yurkevich, Aston University, UK

Dualities in multichannel Luttinger liquids

April 18 Tuesday 11 am

Jun Won Rhim, MPIPKS, Germany

Bulk-boundary correspondence from the intercellular Zak phase

April 17 Monday 3 pm

Sang-Jun Choi, KAIST, Korea

Geometric phase at graphene edges - scattering phase shift of Dirac fermions

April 13 Thursday 3 pm

Hunpyo Lee, Kangwon National University, Korea

Efficient impurity solver for large cluster-extension dynamical mean field theory calculations

April 11 Tuesday 4 pm

Andrey Kolovsky, L.V. Kirensky Institute of Physics, RAS SB, Russia

Wannier-Stark states, Bloch oscillations and related transport problems for a quantum particle in tilted lattices

April 6 Thursday 4 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon                             

Youngjoon Kwon, Yonsei University, Korea

For whom the Belle tolls

Location: CAPP/IBS, Creation Hall (3rd floor), KAIST Munji Campus

April 4 Tuesday 4 pm

Chae-Yeun Park, Seoul National University, Korea

Macroscopic quantum superpositions in thermalizing and many-body localized systems

March 23 Thursday 3 pm

Choong Hyun Kim, IBS-CCES, Seoul National University, Korea

First-principles approach to correlated systems: LDA and beyond LDA

March 21 Tuesday 4 pm

Robert Shekhter, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Mechanically Controlled Electronic Spin in Electric Weak Links

March 16 Thursday 3 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Kyoungsik Kim, Yonsei University, Korea

Applications of Metamaterials: Cloaking, Photonics, and Energy Harvesting

Location: IBS CTPU, Faculty Wing (3rd floor), KAIST Munji Campus

March 7 Tuesday 4 pm

Aleksandra Maluckov, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia

Towards the extreme events predictability

March 2 Thursday 3 pm

Hyeong Jun Lee, Seoul National University, Korea

One-dimensional $S=1$ Quantum Spin Systems under Frustration and Anisotropy

February 16 Thursday 3 pm

Alexander Schnell, MPIPKS,Germany

Non-equilibrium condensation of weakly interacting bosons in the presence of thermal baths: temperature-dependent dissipation

February 7 Tuesday 4 pm

Thomas Engl, New Zealand Institute for Advanced Studies, New Zealand

A percolation approach to Two-Particle Localization in the Bose-Hubbard Model

February 6 Monday 4 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Yoshitaka Kuno, Osaka University, Japan

Search for Muon to Electron Conversion at J-PARC – the COMET Experiment

Location: CAPP/IBS, Creation Hall (3rd floor), KAIST Munji Campus

January 24 Tuesday 4 pm

Mikhail Fistul, PCS IBS, Korea

Radiation-induced coherent quantum phenomena in the ballistic transport of graphene based n-p and n-p-n junctions

January 18 Wednesday 2 pm

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

Giorgio Gratta, Stanford University, USA

The hunt for double-beta decay and nEXO

Location: IBS CTPU, Faculty Wing (3rd floor), KAIST Munji Campus

January 11 Wednesday 3 pm

Byungmin Kang, University of California, USA

Dynamical Confinement-Deconfinement Transitions in Many-body Localized Topological Phases

January 10 Tuesday 4 pm

Danko Radić, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Synthetic field-induced charge density waves

January 5 Thursday 3 pm

Ludovic Jaubert, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

When spin liquids order... but just a bit

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