Talks and Colloquia



April 23 Tuesday 4 pm

Li Ge, City University of New York, USA

Non-Hermitian photonics based on quantum-inspired symmetries

April 11 Thursday 3 pm
Dario Rosa, KIAS, Korea

April 10 Wednesday 3 pm

Stefano Iubini, University of Padova, Italy


April 9 Tuesday 10.30 am

Stefano Iubini, University of Padova, Italy


April 4 Thursday 10.30 am

Stefano Iubini, University of Padova, Italy


April 2 Tuesday 4 pm

Ray-Kuang Lee, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan


March 26 Tuesday 4 pm

Soloman Thokala, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India

Controlling self-similar waves and rogue waves in nonlinear optical and atomic waveguides

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

March 21 Thursday



Location: IBS CTPU seminar room (4th floor)

February 27 Wednesday 3 pm

Kyusung Hwang, KIAS, Korea

Topological magnons with nodal-line and triple-point degeneracies: Implications for thermal Hall effect in pyrochlore iridates

February 26 Tuesday 4 pm

Sooran Kim, Kyungpook National University, Korea

Apical ion dynamics-modulated in-plane transport properties in cuprates

February 21 Thursday 3 pm

Yuri Pashkin, Lancaster University, UK

Cooling electrons in nanoelectronic devices

February 20 Wednesday 3 pm

Alireza Habibi, Sharif University of Technology, Iran  

Resilience of Majorana fermions in the boundary of 1D topological superconductor in presence of disorder

February 19 Tuesday 5 pm

Foroud Bemani, University of Isfahan, Iran  

Quantum correlations in optomechanical crystals

February 13 Wednesday 3 pm

Aritra Kundu, ICTS, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India  

Anomalous heat transport in the one-dimensional classical systems

February 12 Tuesday 4 pm

Tirthaprasad Chattaraj, University of British Columbia, Canada  

Correlations in dynamics and localization of two interacting particles in lattices

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

February 11 Monday 1.30 pm

Jun Cao, Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, China

JUNO: a 20-kton multi-purpose underground observatory

Location: conference room B109 (1st floor)

February 7 Thursday 3 pm

Juzar Thingna, PCS IBS  

Collective machines

January 22 Tuesday 4 pm

Mikko Möttönen, Aalto University, Finland

Controllable dissipators for quantum electric circuits

January 16 Wednesday 3 pm

Michael Fraser, RIKEN CEMS & Japan Science and Technology Agency, Japan

Engineering topological states of polaritons with non-Hermitian potentials

IBS Physics Colloquium @ Daejeon

January 10 Thursday 1.30 pm

Tsuyoshi Nakaya, Kyoto University, Japan

The new results of neutrino oscillations from the T2K experiment

Location: conference room B109 (1st floor)

January 9 Wednesday 3 pm

Andrey Moskalenko, University of Konstanz, Germany

Time-domain approach to ultrafast quantum optics

January 7 Monday 11 am

Byungmin Kang, KIAS, Korea

Many-body invariance of multipoles in higher-order topological insulators  

Location: conference room B109 (1st floor)

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